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Sep 19

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Wall Posts

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7/25/11 7:20 PM
Mgiroux wrote on FTR's wall
I would love to go!
7/25/11 6:08 PM
FTR wrote on Mgiroux's wall
we should go to the dune this weekend
7/24/11 5:44 PM
Mgiroux wrote on FTR's wall
Yes we do! It needs to cool down first tho.
7/24/11 5:19 PM
FTR wrote on Mgiroux's wall
Hi babe!!! We need to go ride something!
7/24/11 5:16 PM
FTR Welcome to FTR! Let's build this community!
6/30/11 5:28 PM
CHLX wrote on FTR's wall
I got sick right after I got back into town and I have just been tryin to play catch up @ work.
6/30/11 5:27 PM
CHLX wrote on FTR's wall
are you going tonight?
6/22/11 3:41 PM
Mgiroux wrote on FTR's wall
Missin you too! Can't wait to see you today. =)
6/21/11 6:16 PM
FTR wrote on Mgiroux's wall
missin you lots! need to fix this. :P
6/16/11 9:49 PM
FTR Adding tons of events on the new Events section! It's working good!
6/03/11 4:47 PM
CHLX wrote on FTR's wall
Very nice. Ill be on periodicaly through 1530 today then Im out for the day. might get back on tonight.
6/03/11 3:44 PM
FTR wrote on CHLX's wall
Hey bro, come on chat today... new race clutch in today!!!
6/03/11 3:31 PM
FTR wrote on clickatee's wall
Welcome to the site! We'd love to see more about your leather goods. Maybe help run some cross promoting. Message me your ideas!
5/27/11 12:23 AM
FTR Bike Night at WESTGATE (Arizona) tonight. hope to see you there!
5/04/11 4:23 PM
FTR Make more Friends That Ride!
4/14/11 5:59 PM
FTR Supercross this year rocks! Go Ryan!
4/03/11 2:51 AM
FTR AZ bike week rock. having a great time! Buckcherry concert tonight, bike week at the pavilions and XDL stunt compsin old scottsdale!
3/22/11 5:42 PM
petemaster5000 wrote on FTR's wall
FTR Shirts and Hats will be ready this week!
3/18/11 5:33 PM
FTR Getting ready for bike week. Stressin out, but ready to ride!
3/26/10 11:37 PM
FTR wrote on skidsandwheelies's wall

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