Motorcycle Database

The Motorcycle Database

  • 12958 rides and counting!
  • Factory Photos and Specifications
  • Meet others who own the same ride as you
  • Contribute your photos and specs
  • Add Rides to your Garage Profile
  • FTR Game Coming Soon: Earn points, win prizes!


The Motorcycle Database

What's in your
FTR Garage?

Search Rides

12958 Rides and counting!

• Add your ride and help populate Rider data!
• View factory rides with specifications and stock photos!
• Find who rides what you do, and see their mods and more!
• K&N Air Filter and Oil Filter Lookup. On Sale Now!

How It Works

  1. Select a YEAR and MAKE.

  2. The SELECT RIDE box will auto-fill with all models in the MDB from that YEAR and MAKE.

  3. Click the RIDE you want to view and then click VIEW SELECTED RIDE.

Add a ride to your garage
A ride must be in the Motorcycle Database first.
Just search for it, and you'll see a link to Add it to your garage.

What if my ride isn't in the MDB?
* You can add it! This is what a "collaborative database" is all about! We are building data together and there are always rides to be added.

Be sure to look for it first, and if you would like to add a make/model we are missing do so here:

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